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About Lucy

Lucy Postins goes by many titles but the one she is most proud of is co-founder & CEO of The Honest Kitchen - her company that produces all natural, human-grade whole foods for pets. Lucy's lifelong obsession with animals has led her to create her own pet food line and become an expert in animal nutrition and holistic pet care. In Dog Obsessed, Lucy shares her secrets on caring for your pup with insightful & humorous advice as well as entertaining & heartwarming stories.

Do you celebrate your dog's birthday? Do you have more photos of your dog than your family on your phone? Do you put your umbrella over your dog instead of yourself when walking in the rain? Then you might be Dog Obsessed!

Take your obsession to the next level with Dog Obsessed, a humorous and helpful resource for all passionate dog owners. Co-founder and CEO of The Honest Kitchen pet food, Lucy Postins shares tips & stories from her life mission to make all dogs as happy and healthy as possible. Highlights from the book include: 

  • 45 easy-to-prepare recipes

  • vet-approved health tips

  • tips for camping and picnicking

  • two-week health and fitness plan


  • dos and don'ts in the dog park

  • insight into quirky dog personalities

  • make-at-home dog games

  • feel-good photos, stories & more!



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We will do anything to add to and improve the quality of our dogs' lives, so this is a great tool to have in our home!

Paige Chernick

-PuppyNamedCharlie Instagram

Wow…absolutely beautiful. I’m in awe about how educational with a massive amount of fun injected into it.

Hillary van der Zee

-KONG Company



Started by Lucy & Charlie Postins, The Honest Kitchen is a company of pet lovers with a commitment to quality & making the tastiest pet food out there. The ingredients are gently dehydrated and 100% human grade. There are never fillers, by-products, preservatives or any other nasty additives. It's just whole foods with a dash of love. 

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Just pay $1 for shipping and test out some of the best recipes for your best friend!

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